I Thought Religion Was Supposed To Be A Source Of Comfort For Those Of Its Faith

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My sister is a born-again Catholic who converted before her marriage. She is a devout believer in her version of God -- The One who gives blessings of babies -- so no one has the right to question, let alone terminate pregnancies. My lack of religiosity coupled with my pro-choice stance and actions makes me some sort of wicked heathen in her eyes.

She also suffers with fertility issues, which amplifies these thoughts.

The result is that she's so bitter and angry about her fertility issues that she blames me for (so easily) becoming pregnant. She doesn't see my children as my blessings, instead she somehow has twisted my pregnancies as me stealing from her womb.

While this is very upsetting, it's also quite puzzling...

She doesn't find comfort in Her God who does not give her children (repeating that religious mantra about how we cannot know the mysteries and plans of God but must trust His wisdom), she doesn't even blame Him for blessing me so easily with babies that should be hers.

Instead she just seethes with anger & shoots bitter barbs at me.

I thought religion was supposed to be a source of comfort for those of its faith.



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