Is It Embryo Utopia, Or Are The Lyons Lyin' To Themselves?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Also in the March (2009) issue of Good Housekeeping, there's an article by Amanda Robb called "Siblings Of A Sort" on the amazing story of Glenda and Scott Lyons. They're the couple with four children who donated/adopted their embryos to another couple, Susan and Bruce Lindeman -- and then again to Dana and Cliff MacMillan.

In total, there are seven children biological Lyons children, but the remarkable thing is that they hold family reunions of a sort... all gathering together, sharing the children -- and yes, the children know.

The Lyons say the children they've gifted the Lindemans and MacMillans with feel like "nieces and nephews" to them, but "all the grandparents lay claim to every kid; seven snapshots on every refrigerator."

I can't even imagine this.

It's not that it's not beautiful -- and I'm super glad it's working for them, really! But having one child who has a biological family which has never really acknowledged her (even after their son's passing), and watching her then lose grandparents in my divorce, well, it's hard to imagine such a perfect situation continuing.

Divorce, death, medical issues, confusion about &/or between biological siblings... The possibilities during the teen years alone boggle my mind.



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