When Sally Field Is Your Mother-In-Law

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sally Field is interviewed in the March (2009) issue of Good Housekeeping. Maybe it's silly of me, but the most fascinating part was this passage in the beginning about her "beloved brood":

It includes her three grown sons--Sam, her baby, will be home from college, where he is already a junior ("How can that be?" asks his mother incredulously)-- and the three adored grandchildren she babysits for often. "And my sister and my niece, and my mother... oh, and one of my daughter-in-law's parents."

I'm not absolutely sure I'm reading that right; it sure is a poorly constructed bit of writing, so shame on you, Jenny Allen. But if I am reading that right, Sally Field has caretaker duties for one of her daughter-in-law's parents.

That's nice -- sweet even. And it's not a completely earth-shattering concept; I mean she is a human being with family. But can you imagine if her daughter-in-law's parent has Alzheimer's?

"How was your day, dear?"

"Oh, I thought I was doing fine... But then I could have sworn the Flying Nun was here... Time to get to the doctor's again."



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